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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bookshelf makeover

Most of you know that we've been living with my parents since we moved to VA... Praying, hoping, and waiting for our house in SC to sell.  
Well, we FINALLY have a contract!  Praise the Lord!!!  We accepted a full price offer and are set to close Sept 1st.  Woohoo!
Ok, so back to living with my parents.  Since we've been here I have organized and reorganized again and again trying to create more functional space and room for our kids to play.  And when I saw these simple white bookshelves on sale for $15, I knew I could find a use for them.  
I bought 2, and 2 pieces of fabric that I loved for about $4 each.  
I attached the fabric (with scotch tape) to the backing before assembling.
Here's Emma Cate's
 We put it on top of her dresser where she can keep her special little knick-knacks and her books, 
and her 2 yr old little brother can't quite get to them.  

and here's mine
Right now, I'm planning to use it for some homeschooling stuff, although once we move and have our own shelves back, I'm thinking it'll be a great place to store some of my sewing things!  ;)
So there you go.  
Simple, functional, inexpensive, and pretty cute. 

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