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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Girly Dresses

As I said, since learning to use my embroidery machine, I've been getting back into sewing.  I tend to pick up random patterns when they are on sale for $.99 each and fabric that I like, when it's on sale or I have a 50% off coupon.  Then I get home, see what I have, and figure out a plan.  Here are a couple of dresses I made recently for the girls.  They're not my favorite.  But they are functional, the girls LOVE them, and I was able to make them big since they tie in the back... so plenty of room to grow in them. 
 Sweet Emma Cate.  I loved this fabric.  Very summery.  
The trim is pink w/ white polka dots but you can't really tell in the photo. 
 Silly Ashlyn. And please notice the stack of bracelets she put on 
when I told her I needed her to model for me. She's my fashionista.  ;)  
I really didn't like this fabric when I first saw it on the clearance rack.  I actually thought it was quite awful.  But it was $3/ yd and the more I looked at it, the more I knew my Ash would love it.  
Paired w/ the dark purple swirly trim, it turned out quite nicely. 
Also, note the hairbow.  I'll post more about them later.  
You can get one for $3, or with a single letter monogram for $4
 and sassy!
the boy was feeling left out...
and that's just cute!

Bookshelf makeover

Most of you know that we've been living with my parents since we moved to VA... Praying, hoping, and waiting for our house in SC to sell.  
Well, we FINALLY have a contract!  Praise the Lord!!!  We accepted a full price offer and are set to close Sept 1st.  Woohoo!
Ok, so back to living with my parents.  Since we've been here I have organized and reorganized again and again trying to create more functional space and room for our kids to play.  And when I saw these simple white bookshelves on sale for $15, I knew I could find a use for them.  
I bought 2, and 2 pieces of fabric that I loved for about $4 each.  
I attached the fabric (with scotch tape) to the backing before assembling.
Here's Emma Cate's
 We put it on top of her dresser where she can keep her special little knick-knacks and her books, 
and her 2 yr old little brother can't quite get to them.  

and here's mine
Right now, I'm planning to use it for some homeschooling stuff, although once we move and have our own shelves back, I'm thinking it'll be a great place to store some of my sewing things!  ;)
So there you go.  
Simple, functional, inexpensive, and pretty cute. 


These are fun for me, but I'd love to make some for you too!
  Think birthdays, weddings, baby showers, Christmas! 
My goal here is to be affordable.  And to support my "habit" by generating a little extra income so that I can create more fun things for myself and my kids.   I've been told that these prices are too low, but I believe that they will cover my costs and my time and that the stores jack the prices up just b/c they can. These prices are for the embroidering only, assuming you bring me the item you want monogrammed.  

I have over a hundred fonts available.  So I can do any style lettering you like!

Single letter monogram  $3
This is a large 3 inch letter

3-letter monogram  $5
like the ones shown on these towels

First name  $6-7 (depending on the number of letters)

Image applique $4

Name and image $8

  I will work out a discount if you order multiple items in one order.  Let me know if I can help you with anything!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

From placemats... to handbags

Alright, so I mentioned in the last post that I made pool/beach towels for Easter baskets.  
I've also mentioned that I like practical and affordable... hence the towels in the baskets.  
A "get ready for summer" theme.  
So, my kids got $3 sunglasses from Children's place, $2.50 flip-flops from Old Navy, goldfish, fruit snacks, and a few pieces of candy.  We're not crazy about lots of sweets over here.  My kids are plenty active w/o them.  ;) 

I came across these super sweet, girly-girl pink placemats at Marshalls for $1.50 each and just had to turn them into super sweet, girly-girl purses.  With a little ribbon and a little sewing, and a magnet clasp... they got these for Easter too.  
I was really pleased with these fonts paired together.  
Here's a closer look.

We love these bags.  The girls use them for church mostly, with a small case of crayons and a small snack.  
And they feel like big girls with their purses.  :)

Towels, towels, and ... yes, more towels

Alright, I apologize if you've already seen these on FB, but since this is really where my embroidering venture began... I just had to post them.  They are cute, practical, and VERY affordable.  

My mother-in-law had me monogram these for her "kids" for a valentine's gift.  (They're not really kids anymore, they're teens, but don't tell her that)  ;)  No more fighting over bath towels!  
These for the boys.  
(Geoff got one too, but he was out of town at the time, 
so his got made later and did not make the photo.) 

Something a little more girly for the girls. 

I did this set for a wedding gift.  The yellow doesn't show terribly well on the white in the pics but these were their colors.  
These towels were super nice and bought at Tuesday Mornings 
for a great price.

These were done for a few of my friends' kids for Easter basket stuffers.  (More on that in the next post)  
We spend a lot of time at the pool in the summer, 
although these also make great bath towels. 

 this dump truck was a birthday gift for a friend's nephew
and the sailboat (one of my favorites) was for my son 

And if you're not totally tired of looking at towels... I have just a few more  ;)  
Bath towels for my sister's kids.

and these lovely hand towels were for my sister
I've done many more... unfortunately I have not been good about photographing things before I deliver them.  More to come!!  
Let me know if I can make some for you!

Long time coming...

OK... No More Excuses.  
Today I will begin sharing the about the things I do: whether they be fun, practical, crazy, money saving, crafty... or whatever!  

Main motivation: My hubby bought me an embroidery machine for Christmas last year.  Huge surprise!!!  We don't do big gifts like that.  It's been so much fun figuring it out and learning what I can do with it.  It's also re-inspired me to get back into sewing!  

So, 7 months later... it's time to start sharing!!!

I'm always looking for fun/practical ideas of ways to make a mommy's life just a little bit easier and/or more interesting.  So please share with me!  and let me know if you're interested in anything I'm doing.